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  • Nerves, Golf & Interviews!

    by Edith Gardiner | 08 Feb, 2016
    I was listening to Ian Dempsey's Interview with Padraig Harrington on the way to work this morning. Padraig was talking about various things including being nervous and being able to do well and perform at his game.
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  • Why it Pays to Continuously Improve

    by Gareth Carr | 24 Sep, 2015
    True innovation comes from combining deep expertise in a specific area with new operations and maintenance experiences and fresh perspectives. This is exactly the combination of talents that high-quality suppliers bring.
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  • Engaging Commissioning Agents For Increased Efficiency

    by Pat Kyne | 24 Aug, 2015
    An effective strategy to avoid production downtime at a new facility resulting from design, construction, installation, and component quality problems is to subject the systems to a commissioning process performed by an experienced and qualified Commissioning Agent (CxA)
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  • The Irish Engineering Industry Today and Tomorrow

    by Gerry McGowan | 12 Aug, 2015
    Economic development in Ireland since the 1980s has been built largely on its supply of engineering graduates and today the Engineering industry has evolved into one of the most important contributors to the Irish economy in terms of employment, output and exports.
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  • Contributing and giving back is part of the LotusWorks ethos

    by James Casey | 30 Jul, 2015
    Contributing and giving back is part of the LotusWorks ethos, we support various charities across the US. In the past few months, LotusWorks has played a major role in two particularly special fundraisers in upstate New York, where LotusWorks staff are working on some major projects.
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  • Calibration is essential to the running of a world class facility

    by Noel Molloy | 28 Jul, 2015
    If you’re in manufacturing you’ll be only too aware that it is a knowledge-intensive business. For the majority of manufacturers focus is on quality, reliability, cost and low-environmental impact through the product life cycle from development to manufacture, usage and disposal
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  • Why Outsource Engineering & Technical Functions?

    by Emer Conroy | 16 Mar, 2015
    To remain competitive in today’s global marketplace, companies are looking to outsource a growing number of non-core activities. Within the manufacturing sector, the move to outsourcing is equally well advanced, particularly when it comes to the engineering or technical functions. From our extensive experience as an outsourced partner in these areas, we believe that the key benefits to the manufacturer can be summarised as follows:
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  • 5 Business Benefits An Accredited Calibration Laboratory Provides

    by Noel Molloy | 16 Mar, 2015
    Regardless of what product you manufacture, you need to have absolute confidence in the integrity of your measurement instrumentation. Even the smallest of variances can cause significant quality issues, cost over-runs – or both.
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