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Our experiences tells us that GMP regulated and mission critical facilities, strongly depend on flexible, safe talent to operate and maintain their manufacturing process and maintain their assets. Our success rests in our ability to supplement these environments with teams with the right skills and professionalism, allowing you the opportunity to allocate your resources to projects that will have the greatest impact on manufacturing business goals. 

LotusWorks- Keepers of Operational Excellence

The goal is for fewer personnel, working fewer hours, to operate and maintain more equipment, at a lower cost, while also delivering higher equipment availability in today’s manufacturing facilities. We support you, our client, and help you to achieve those increased productivity goals by delivering:

  1. Specialist experienced teams
  2. Multi-disciplinary teams matched to your operational needs
  3. Complaint teams who adhere to procedures
  4. Talent that embraces and improves safety within your facility
  5. A continuous operations culture (Tuesday is the same as Saturday)
  6. A “can-do” attitude & “continuously improve” culture
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Commissioning Manager, USA

Pat is Commissioning Manager, US Operations, at the company’s offices globally. Educated in Ireland he moved to the US with LotusWorks in 2010. Pat has extensive knowledge in his field and is a Certified Commissioning Professional accredited by the Building Commissioning Certification Board. Pat has managed the commissioning program for a high volume manufacturing start-up facility and executed to LEED Enhanced Commissioning and additional LEED credits. His main goal is to develop and execute the most advanced, comprehensive and efficient commissioning programs for prospective and existing clients of LotusWorks. Pat's experience has involved detailed proactive measures to ensure the Health and Safety of his crew and that of the 2000+ Workers on projects in the past.  He has extensive experience in the semi-conductor, bio-pharma and medical device industry sectors. He is responsible for building strong relationships with key clients and supporting the organizations vision and strategic goals. Pat is a regular commuter between Boston, New York, Singapore and LotusWorks HQ in Sligo.
Phone:    +1 (518) 495 1018

PHONE: +353 (0)71 9169783
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