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Engaging a Commissioning Agent in Industrial Sector

Mar 02, 2016

“There is a significant shift in the way commissioning of new facilities is now being viewed”

With budgets and the bottom line being monitored more than ever, the design process is often fast tracked and expedited to meet production schedules, increasing the risk of costly design gaps and consequently construction delays which by their nature tend to eat into prescribed time allowed for commissioning.

With this in mind today’s, owners are now engaging commissioning agents (CxA) to work collaboratively with design and construction teams on new build projects as independent representatives to ensure unbiased adjudication and execution of the commissioning process.

LotusWorks, LotusWorkersA thorough, comprehensive and holistic commissioning approach is required within industries because they now more than ever operate with leading edge production technology that offers greater reward but also offers greater risk. 

While there is always a case for commissioning being an added expense to the overall new build projects, clients are now reflecting lower overall costs after engaging the experience of a qualified CxA.

VIEW THE FULL WHITEPAPER HERE: The Case for Engaging a Commissioning Agent in the Modern Industrial Sector
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