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Datacenter/ICT Industry Sector


The unprecedented growth within the ICT sector has led to equal growth in datacenters. Our ever-increasing dependence on the Internet to do business, entertain ourselves, communicate with others and shop for supplies has increased our amount of data exponentially.

The hardware and software have become more extensive and critical, so too has the time and effort required to provide optimal protection and ensure operability. Our teams have the expertise and are responsible for operating and maintaining mission critical facilities on behalf of leading ICT and data center clients. 

Extremely Flexible

“I find them extremely flexible in whatever the situation – out of hours, weekends and nights, whatever the case they always deliver. It’s their sign-off on projects as well, they say what they are going to provide, how they are going to provide it and how it looks upon completion. Their technical expertise is second to none and I’d have no issue recommending the guys in LotusWorks.”
- Senior Engineer, ICT Industry

LotusWorks play their part in commissioning greener Datacenters:

LEED Gold certification has been awarded to a Datacenter client project
LotusWorks were responsible for and completed all commissioning activity to LEED Gold standard, on a recent datacenter build by a leading multinational datacenter provider. The LotusWorks datacenter client are committed to delivering best-in-class datacenters to help people and organisations reduce their impact on the environment.  


Managing Performance, Delivering Reliability for Global ICT Client

Our client is responsible for ensuring information is accessible to their global audiences 24/7. Any interruption in accessing the data or minor stoppage in data flow results in downtime and downtime has a major financial impact on the client competitiveness. The availability of the data center is key to ongoing business success. LotusWorks supports the ICT client with a team of technical expertise and is responsible for the ongoing operations and maintenance of the facility.

Risk Reduction, Facility Uptime

LotusWorks operates and maintains the data center, delivering a solution focused on risk reduction and facility uptime. In this environment “uptime” of plant and equipment is critical to the client’s needs. It is through the implementation of a comprehensive maintenance program and our experience of mission critical environments that we successfully maintain facility uptime. Working hand in hand with our client we understand their specific requirements.

Operational Continuity is Imperative

Expert, responsive, hands on support will ensure 100% facility uptime for this client. The facility requires 24/7 operations shift cover, our teams monitor all aspects of the data center’s key requirements and any issues are easily identified which safeguards the facility against operational risks. We have implemented a transparent schedule, structured to deploy the work team in an optimal configuration for emergency response, equipment maintenance and vendor management. Our team is screened to qualify their technical, administrative and communication capabilities. This approach provides clients with the confidence that risk reduction is priority 24/7.

Ongoing Risk Elimination

LotusWorks O&M team provide regular planned critical maintenance to cover all equipment across site which increases our client’s confidence and improves the reliability of this critical equipment. All maintenance work performed is documented, tracked and communicated to the client. By drawing on the wide range of experience within our on-site team we can meet our client’s changing needs. Power efficiency is key in this environment and we constantly strive to find ways to implement efficiencies across site.

While O&M is our remit, our team continually supports our client’s challenges as and when they arise, and we propose continuous improvements to increase the lifecycle of the facility.

Project Success Indicators:

  1. Provide our client with 24/7 operations cover, seamless integration onsite.
  2. Provide project support  as per our clients’ needs, on time and within budget.
  3. Work with the client to identify and implement efficiencies across site.
  4. Carry out and track critical maintenance on all equipment across site.
  5. Commissioning support on new projects.
  6. Continue to provide an efficient, honest, reliable service

Alwyn Love | Data Center Expert

Datacentre Expert Alwyn Love


Commissioning Project Manager, Alwyn Love has been involved in the commissioning of large-scale critical environment projects for over 10 years. Alwyn has worked with the LotusWorks team on multinational Data Center, Semiconductor and Pharma projects both in Europe and North America and was involved with the commissioning of the world’s largest automotive battery production factory based in the USA. Alwyn has had exposure across many aspects of Data Center construction, during his roles as a Controlling Energy Marshall, Electrical Lead, QA/QC Manager and more recently as overall Commissioning Project Manager on a 60MW build. Alwyn prides himself in the delivery of projects to the client’s specifications, quality and budget. “QA/QC and commissioning by a “best in class team”, is essential to the long-term efficiency and sustainability of a Data Center”
Phone:   +353 7191 69783

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