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Engineering & Construction

The world's leading project development and construction companies are turning their client’s visions into realities. LotusWorks partners as subcontractors with leading construction companies on major capital builds within the Semiconductor, Medical Technology, ICT & Biotechnology industries and we’re the team that can deliver a building that is performance optimized, safe and energy efficient. Large project delivery requires multiple skill sets and the LotusWorks teams integrate quickly to help deliver success. Renowned for quality of product, safety and excellence in regulated environments, LotusWorks bring world-class resources to every project allowing clients to focus on thier core activity. 

Experiencing Cost Reduction

‘We worked through the commissioning and hand-over to the client with LotusWorks teams, probably for me the most important thing from LotusWorks was their dedication, I mean the guys worked long hours, they were reliable, you can count on them. I would say they are very dedicated guys and obviously that’s something that’s bred through the company management and it trickles down'
EPC Leader, USA

Success Story: Engineering & Construction


Client: Semiconductor Foundry. LotusWorks subcontracted by major international construction company to complete integrated commissioning, validation, and qualification.
Success Criteria:  Deliver facility to a designed specification 
Duration: Sept 2010 - 2015
Services Provided: Start-up and Commissioning of facilities, systems, and associated buildings


A fully modernized, validated facility

The client is a leading full-service semiconductor foundry with a truly global footprint providing a unique combination of advanced technology and manufacturing to more than 250 customers. A new state of the art manufacturing facility was required by the foundry leader to meet growing needs of their microelectronics market.  LotusWorks were responsible for delivery of integrated commissioning, validation and qualification of their 320,000 sq feet clean room space and new 300mm process tool manufacturing facility.

High Performance Delivered

Working with the construction company’s project manager and the foundry client, LotusWorks CxA team used specific commissioning procedures (tailored for the requirements of the individual systems) and developed the commissioning schedule and plan in consultation. The LotusWorks Commissioning team was multi-disciplinary and were directly involved from project concept to handover. A host of accelerating measures were involved in the project execution:

  1. Focus on parallel project execution
  2. Concentrated team building strategies involving general contractor, owners and contractors 
  3. Intensive project management skill

 Successful and Responsible for:

  • A detailed commissioning plan
  • Documentation and tests for the LEED Certification process
  • Development of individual system specific commissioning and start up procedures
  • Review of contractor testing procedures, reports and testing activities
  • System walk-downs, installation verification to Owners requirements
  • Facility Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) review and inspection
  • Commissioning schedule alignment with the project master schedule
  • Integration and tracking of construction management design team field reports and design verification checklists

Ensured Capacity

The result of the project is a state-of-the-art future proof facility, which started life at the highest performance level possible while improving the facility delivery process. The commissioning process completed by the LotusWorks teams increased systems reliability, improved building energy performance, and sustained operations and maintenance of the facility. The Foundry Owners have the production capability to deliver current and future product, and the ability to meet growing demand. 

James Casey 
Operations Director

James is President LotusWorks, US Operations, at the company’s offices in Medford, MA. He is an Instrument and Controls Technician, educated in Ireland, he moved to the US with LotusWorks in 2000. James is responsible for overseeing the complete operation of the LotusWorks organization in US, Israel & Singapore. He has extensive knowledge on the competitive landscape, customers, markets, new industry developments and standards within the Semiconductor and Bio-Pharmaceutical sectors. James has been influential in building strong long lasting relationships with customers maintaining growth in the markets he is managing.

Phone:    +1 (617) 230 4654

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