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Maintenance Planning 
Preventative & Predictive Maintenance

You need to focus on what you do best. We supplement your in-house maintenance teams and execute and manage maintenance programs to help protect your capital investments.  Our experienced staff provide 24/7 cover, completing preventative, predictive, rebuild and overhaul related maintenance tasks. Our maintenance planning will include maintenance intervals, skills & training, duration and tools & materials.

Risk Based Equipment Classification
Validated CMMS Systems
GMP compliant- fully trained
Documented Maintenance Activities
Embracing Modern Maintenance techniques

Shutdowns/ Projects

LotusWorks’ performs supports turnarounds, shutdowns and projects, and we utilize a multi-phase approach to plan, schedule, staff and execute turnarounds. The objective is always the same - minimizing shutdown time and costs, without compromising on safety and quality, and increasing capital assets performance.
Our capability for shutdowns, turnarounds and outages include:

  1. Detailed planning and organization of the work involved
  2. Removal of assets from production
  3. Inspection and work execution, product changes, repairs, improvement activities or a combination of these
  4. Restart of the asset/plant and restoration to “as designed” performance levels

Continuously Improving - Trouble Shooting

“To do more with less” – is the challenge facing all our clients. With our extensive experience we quickly identify unnecessary maintenance work and unproductive maintenance work. Altering the reactive, preventative, predictive and proactive maintenance plan even slightly, can lead to significant cost reductions and increased efficiencies within your facility.

Best practice organizations are moving maintenance spends to predictive maintenance and reaping the reward in productivity and cost reductions. We believe what is good enough for today is not good enough for tomorrow and our people strive to enhance processes, eliminate waste and reduce costs. This results in incremental initiatives and innovations that help our teams and our clients to achieve best practice. 

Maintenance- The LotusWorks Way

Risk Based Equipment Classification

A risk-based approach classifies each piece of equipment within your facility in terms of its impact on product quality. Using a risk-based approach positively impacts the amount of work facing a maintenance department. Our expertise rests in delivering a maintenance schedule which priortizes work tasks based on impact to product quality, and categorizing equipment into four categories – direct impact / indirect impact / no impact & safety environment impact.

Validated CMMS Systems

Our Pharmaceutical clients validate 5 GMP critical tasks when they implement CMMS - experienced in utilizing validated CMMS, our teams support clients or co-manage the CMMS to plan, schedule and manage maintenance work.

GMP compliant- Fully Trained

LotusWorks maintenance staff understand the critical environment they will support. Our staff are fully trained in GMP regulation and fit in to the training schedules on the site they support.

Documented Maintenance Activities

Experienced in following prioritized risk based documentation, our teams understand that projects and annual shutdowns can be high risk times for our clients. We pride ourselves on following policies, procedures and work instructions as written by the clients we support.

Embracing Modern Maintenance Techniques

Having a range of experience across many industries has brought us to the realization that “doing things the way we’ve always done them” is not going to help competitiveness.  Maintenance best-practice techniques - Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM), Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) and Lean Maintenance, all drive productivity, increase safety on sites and decreases the likelihood of equipment downtime. Continuous improvement is part of LotusWorks culture.  

James Casey 
President LotusWorks USA

James is President LotusWorks, US Operations, at the company’s offices in Medford, MA. He is an Instrument and Controls Technician, educated in Ireland, he moved to the US with LotusWorks in 2000. James is responsible for overseeing the complete operation of the LotusWorks organization in US, Israel & Singapore. He has extensive knowledge on the competitive landscape, customers, markets, new industry developments and standards within the Semiconductor and Bio-Pharmaceutical sectors. James has been influential in building strong long lasting relationships with customers maintaining growth in the markets he is managing.

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