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Mission Critical Commissioning

For the past five years we’re working with world leading datacenter owners, providing the mission critical commissioning (CxA authority) expertise required to ensure the data center delivered has greater availability, is safe and efficient. To help avoid suffering early equipment failures and outages which are traced to design, installation, or start-up deficiencies, our data center owners have been including our mission critical commissioning expertise early in their projects. Our commissioning process also ensures your operations and maintenance staff have adequate training and we help improve safety and boost efficiency by identifying the right commissioning activities. Owners working with us to date have derived value from our commissioning process, we understand the importance of best practices in order to realize the greatest return on our owner’s commissioning investment. 

Delivering the End User's Vision

End user experience is the measurement of facility build success. LotusWorks commissioning teams focus is on end user functionality during the design and construction phase - that’s our expertise. We understand the increasing complexities of the systems within mission critical facilities. Commissioning works with open communication and a clear understanding of prioritized project goals between all parties - the owner, the design teams, the building contractors, equipment providers and all sub-contractors. Our style is to stimulate a collaborative team approach and accomplish owner’s goals successfully the from day one.


Driving Excellence beyond the Limits

Commissioning is a business necessity for the datacenter owners we support. The design team perspective is about what makes the facility work efficiently for the owner while we, the CxA, assess what could cause it to fail. We develop the detailed test plan required to ultimately ensure all data center systems perform as required during normal operation and in the event of a problem. Our most successfully projects to date have been those where we were involved in all five levels of the commissioning process.‚ÄčCommissioning will lower your risk of failure and ensures the system works as an integrated whole. By performing phase 5- Integrated Systems Testing (IST), the entire facility is tested under full load and in failure scenarios and all components and systems verified. The facilities projects we’ve completed are fully commissioned - tested in failure, safety, emergency & unplanned test modes.

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