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Semiconductor Industry Sector


Innovation is the lifeblood of a Semiconductor company. These companies are at the cutting edge of the most advanced technology available. Our clients succeed by hiring people who perform well in entrepreneurial environments. LotusWorks have been partnering successfully with Semiconductor manufacturers for over two decades. We’re an entrepreneurial spirited company and our teams have a solid understanding of products, technology, and the clients’ needs, coupled with a high level of technical understanding creating a win-win scenario.

LotusWorks' staff are technically competent, experienced and proactive, all of which are extremely beneficial to our technologically advanced clients. 

Knowledgeable, Professional & Committed
“A special thanks to the LotusWorks team for their support during our recent planned factory shutdown. This was the largest planned impact we have ever attempted on site where we impacted all factories completing multiple individual projects impacting all of our systems with a high amount of complexity and inter-dependencies. LotusWorks teams led a number of these projects and/or played a key role in their execution. Their knowledge, professionalism and commitment to task was exemplary.”

- Facilty Manager, Semiconductor Facility

Success Story - Semiconductor Facility


Client:  Semiconductor Manufacturer
Success criteria:  Expert independent commissioning, identify and resolve instrument and equipment issues prior to operation

Duration: 18 Months
Services provided: LotusWorks managed and executed all commissioning work with the client team


Contributed to ensuring Operational Excellence at Leader in Technology facility

Our client is a leader in technology innovation since 1971. The client continues to expand the reach and promise of computing while advancing the ways people work and live worldwide. The client was constructing a Semi- Conductor Fabrication plant with office, energy center with air, chilled water and boilers, cooling towers, waste recovery/processing, gas-plant, ultra-pure water and an electrical sub-station. LotusWorks was the partner of choice to commission the new facility.

Future Fit Facility

During the construction phase of any project, it is important to keep tight control over the quality of the materials procured and the services delivered. The client required the plant to be optimized for operational efficiency. LotusWorks performed the commissioning services and management as well as executing various tests in order to ensure a successful start for the facility operation within its planned schedule.

LotusWorks has specialist knowledge in commissioning and our services and our management skill sets helped our client keep control of the assembly of the equipment and to ensure any risks were managed effectively. Working in close collaboration with our client we delivered a comprehensive commissioning solution. 

Standing accountable, being flexible

LotusWorks appointed an experienced team of commissioning technicians and engineers to manage the commissioning scope. Working closely with the client, we developed a comprehensive plan which clearly outlined work activity, performance deliverables and stated reporting delivery & frequency. 

Key Successes

A strong cooperation and partnership approach between both companies ensures commissioning success criteria is set realistically and met continuously. LotusWorks is invested in supporting the client - seamless integration supports the client’s goals.

Some of our key success criteria includes:

  1. Efficient reporting & success monitoring tools.
  2. Ability to provide support in response to the client’s changing needs.
  3. Recommending methods and equipment to improve efficiencies.
  4. Continuously providing an efficient, honest & reliable service.

Pat Kyne - Commissioning Manager, USA

Educated in Ireland, Pat moved to the US with LotusWorks in 2010. He has extensive knowledge in his field and is a Certified Commissioning Professional accredited by the Building Commissioning Certification Board. Pat has managed the commissioning program for a high volume manufacturing start-up facility and executed to LEED Enhanced Commissioning and additional LEED credits. His main goal is to develop and execute the most advanced, comprehensive and efficient commissioning programs for prospective and existing clients of LotusWorks. Pat's experience has involved detailed proactive measures to ensure the Health and Safety of his crew and that of the 2000+ Workers on projects in the past.  He has extensive experience in the semi-conductor, bio-pharma and medical device industry sectors. He is responsible for building strong relationships with key clients and supporting the organizations vision and strategic goals. 
Phone:    +1 (518) 495 1018

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